“The Medical Mystery Series I have presented is the most effective educational experience for the participants and enjoyable for the presenter program series that I have participated in. The audiences are much larger than audiences at most national meeting product specific “theaters” and the participants are more engaged. The“problem based” approach allows to participants to think about the problem being presented and formulate a diagnostic and treatment strategy.”

“I have found that the Medical Mystery format is more engaging of the audience, almost like PBL.  The attendees stay more focused and attentive to the presentation. Many more questions, and thought provoking questions, following the presentation.”

”I think the actors make it more interesting than just someone going through a case study.

”I am sure that that this format is effective at stimulating the audience into thinking about and finding patients.  I have never presented where there was not a line of attendees after to ask me about specific patients or even family members that they think may have it.  This does not happen at purely didactic lectures.”

“Making primary care providers aware of a rare disease allows them to put it in their differential diagnosis list when in this case encountering a patient with swelling and I am sure this has led to proper and earlier diagnosis of patients with HAE. Following many of the programs participants approach me with questions about patients in their practice who may well have HAE and request advice about further evaluation and treatment.”

“The interactive format works better than didactic lecture. More audience participation.”

“This is a really enjoyable, well attended and effective educational forum.”